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This Holiday- Pay Attention to Where You Place Your Attention!

It is a magical time of year but also one of the most hectic.  With all the gift shopping, events to attend, traveling to do; we become preoccupied with many of the wrong things.  In a blink of an eye the joy is being sucked out of the joyous season.

DistractedPay attention to where you are placing your attention.  Like how perceptions lend to beliefs, where we place our “attention” ends up shaping our (holiday) spirits.  The good news, we have more control over where our “attention” goes than what we might think.  Putting more “attention” on the cheer of the holidays is not about chasing away it’s stresses.  It’s about bringing the chase to an end.

The holidays are meant to be a special reminder for us to be in the moment and/or reflect on the many things we should be grateful for – not the growing list of things to do and places to be.   The unfortunate reality is that most of us hurry through this season without taking in the true meaning of it.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  With a little intention and awareness, we can bring back the joy of this joyous time of year.

The next time you find yourself wallowing in holiday annoyances (traffic and long lines) refocus your attention towards all the good the season brings (connecting with friends and family who bring happiness to your life).  It’s not about getting through the holidays but rather making them as magical as they can/should be.  The only change needed is where you place your attention.  The choice is yours!

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What narrative are you telling yourself?

Imagine it’s the third quarter and you are behind goal.  Imagine you are way behind goal.  What would you be telling yourself?

storyA lot of us would throw in the towel.  We would fall into a mood of resignation.  And the likely story running through our heads, “Nothing that I or anyone else does will make a difference, so there is no point in trying.  I will never hit that goal.”

Now imagine if such a story permeated the minds of the New England Patriots during Super Bowl LI.  They were falling short of their goal – way short.  In fact, at the beginning of the third quarter, they were down 28 to 3.  By this time many people had turned the game off and went to bed.  Those that continued watching now heard commentators making final conclusions of a Patriots loss.  It seemed as if the game was over.

No one would have faulted the Patriots if they too became preoccupied with the score.  Even their most supportive fans likely resigned from the chance of a victory.  But the Patriots did not.  In case you missed it, Super Bowl LI went down in history.  The Patriots fought back from a 25-point deficit and ended their season as Super Bowl champs; they met their goal.

Just like the Super Bowl, our business has four quarters.  And just like the Super Bowl we find ourselves behind goal.  Do we resign from our effort or will we remain curious as to the numerous possibilities left to finish ahead of goal?

The story you are telling yourself will either hold you back or propel your forward.  If it is not working, then change the story.  Literally the narrative going on between your ears determines how you participate in the game.

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