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Want to become highly resilient and super happy?

It’s summer!

A magical season where us northerners come out of winter hibernation (being indoors) and soak up the sun.  Whether you prefer a trip to the mountains or a trip to the beach, we tend to view the next several months as a time to recharge ourselves.


CAUTION:  Summer is temporary.  Being resilient and able to recharge yourself should not be.



Here is my challenge:  Right now, invest less than 20 minutes, pull up and watch two short videos.  The links are below…

I can guarantee that these will forever change how you recharge for resilience and happiness.

Will you accept this challenge?

Sitting on the sideline of life: Why?

A funeral and a wedding anniversary…sideline

Two very different events – but both led me to the same thought – how much time am I spending planning for the future versus living in the present?   Has my life been consumed with looking into a proverbial crystal ball at the expense of enjoying the moment I’m in?

Recently I attended a funeral, more commonly referred to these days as a life celebration.  There I was looking up from a crowd seeing my friend giving a eulogy for his father.  It was a surreal experience and an epiphany for me.  I have been operating on autopilot, preoccupied about the future, and blind to the present.

What potential memories had I sacrificed over the past few months?  Why were my thoughts always out ahead of me?  What had I overlooked?  Who had I overlooked?  These questions and many more were racing through my head.  It wasn’t until the end of the service, as I hugged my buddy’s weeping mother, did I truly become present.  I was one hundred percent in the moment.

Two days later I was heading out for another life celebration, although an entirely different type.  My better half and I were off to the Caribbean.  We were celebrating our ten-year wedding anniversary.  And you know what?  We spent the entire week living in the moment, relishing in the present, and creating lasting memories.  I even turned off my phone, albeit not for an entire day – I’m still working on that.

Today I still allocate time for looking outward, envisioning future aspirations and goals to be met; but I no longer allow myself to be consumed always considering the future.  In the end, all we have is the present.  The past is history, the future always a mystery, but the present moment is our time to shine.

My hope is that you are living in the present, working to positively influence your future.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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