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Behind Goal? Channel your inner-infant self!

Do you ever find yourself struggling to make progress on a goal – what do you do?  Act like an infant! …metaphorically speaking.

infante walkingGoals are meant to be big.  They are meant to take time; yet too often we outpace ourselves early on which can be detrimental to overall success.  Ambition turns into defeatism as we begin telling ourselves the finish line is out of reach.  This is precisely the moment where we must act like an infant, because all infants are successful!

“When you were still a small child, you made your way around the world crawling on your hands and knees. Everyone else was walking, and one day you got into your little head that maybe you could give that a try to. Once that thought appeared, there was suddenly no “maybe” about it: you had to give it a try.  There was no way you were not going to attempt it, fail at it, and then keep attempting it until you mastered it.  Step-by-step, quite literally, we started working to develop the skills needed to walk.” – Jeff Olson, The Slight Edge

Could you imagine if you gave up when you were an infant?  Today you’d be crawling around on your hands and knees as a grown adult.  Of course you didn’t give up then – and you shouldn’t today either!

Embody the relentless determination you had when learning to walk.  Approach your goals moment to moment.  Like learning to walk you should expect to fall.  And just as you did when you were an infant, you get back up and keep working at it.

You first had to learn to crawl before you could walk.  Similarly, you must break down annual goals into smaller (more manageable) milestones.  Begin with a walking pace  towards your goals; and before you know it, you will be running towards the finish line.

This is the power of continuous effort…this is the power of acting like an infant!

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What narrative are you telling yourself?

Imagine it’s the third quarter and you are behind goal.  Imagine you are way behind goal.  What would you be telling yourself?

storyA lot of us would throw in the towel.  We would fall into a mood of resignation.  And the likely story running through our heads, “Nothing that I or anyone else does will make a difference, so there is no point in trying.  I will never hit that goal.”

Now imagine if such a story permeated the minds of the New England Patriots during Super Bowl LI.  They were falling short of their goal – way short.  In fact, at the beginning of the third quarter, they were down 28 to 3.  By this time many people had turned the game off and went to bed.  Those that continued watching now heard commentators making final conclusions of a Patriots loss.  It seemed as if the game was over.

No one would have faulted the Patriots if they too became preoccupied with the score.  Even their most supportive fans likely resigned from the chance of a victory.  But the Patriots did not.  In case you missed it, Super Bowl LI went down in history.  The Patriots fought back from a 25-point deficit and ended their season as Super Bowl champs; they met their goal.

Just like the Super Bowl, our business has four quarters.  And just like the Super Bowl we find ourselves behind goal.  Do we resign from our effort or will we remain curious as to the numerous possibilities left to finish ahead of goal?

The story you are telling yourself will either hold you back or propel your forward.  If it is not working, then change the story.  Literally the narrative going on between your ears determines how you participate in the game.

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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