Success is not like a spigot…

Growing up my parents had one of those old manual hand pumps for their spigot.  Humor me, I am not that old, they had a well system.

I would pump and pump, but water would never come out.  Eventually I gave up and thought to myself, “This thing doesn’t work!”  Then to justify giving up I’d tell myself, “I did everything Mom told me to do, and I didn’t get any water.”

hand pump spigotThere are some parallel lessons here related to personal and professional challenges.

Despite feverishly pumping with no instant results, it’s important to remember that with continued effort and persistence the desired results WILL come pouring out. As we feverishly pump, yet nothing appears to be happening, with continued effort and persistence the desired results WILL come pouring out.  It also provides the opportunity to look at the pump with curiosity and wonder what possibilities there might be to improve the pump.

No great journey is linear. In reality it’s continual sequences of ups and downs expansions and contractions. You make progress and then you stumble. Every advance reveals a new shortcoming.  Major upsets lead to breakthrough moments.

Your must enter the lows and optimize the highs in order to achieve a positive slope within the maze of real life.


It’s sleepless nights brainstorming ideas.  It’s a roller coaster of incremental successes and failures. It’s a war with self-doubt.  Success is persevering long enough to transform vision into reality!

Your success, and the next big breakthrough, is much closer to the surface than you might think.

You just need to stay focused and keep on pumping!


Feeling too busy to accomplish your goals?

Feeling too busy to accomplish your goals?  We all know that feeling.

This month’s message is meant to help you “own your days” versus letting the days own you. I want you to maximize your energy on the right tasks/strategies to be as productive as possible.

Whirlwind of Busy:  Don’t Get Sucked In

How amazing does it feel when you have a really busy day, but you were also super productive?  Who doesn’t want more of those days?!?!

If you open your mind to the possibility of it, it’s pretty simple:

  1. Understand exactly what needs to be done each day. Don’t worry about the whole week or month.  Focus on today!
  2. Become crystal clear on what daily activities have the biggest impact on our goals. Need help with that?  Ask me!
  3. Create a daily short-priority list. After making your list, decide which activities have the highest impact.
  4. Then focus on one thing at a time – that which offers the biggest gain.

When the whirlwind of busyness starts whipping up your day, take control of it. This is something you can change and will get better at over time. We all fall into the busy category from time to time but, during those times, it is important to recognize it for what it is and move forward with action.  Look back on the 4 steps above.  Maybe have them printed out where you see them regularly, to help to make them your new habit.

What one activity will deliver you the biggest gains tomorrow?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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