Our Story…

It all started back in 1975 out of a one room office where husband and wife Jim F Carchidi and Linda A Carchidi started JFC Personnel, a permanent placement service. Today we have a much larger work family spread across three niche recruiting companies. There is JFC Global with specialized recruiters who find hidden talent in the areas of Information Technology, Engineering, and Accounting/Finance. JFC Medical who execute targeted talent search strategies for today’s healthcare practices and institutions. JFC Workforce with Recruiters who deliver talent-on-demand in the areas of Office-Support, Skilled Labor, and Light-Industrial.

What does JFC stand for? If you ask James F. Carchidi, it’s his initials. If you ask his wife Linda, it’s an abbreviation of Jobs-Futures-Careers.

In 1997, Jim and Linda Carchidi were approached by a big box staffing entity. This interested buyer offered them BIG bucks to sell. Ultimately Jim and Linda opted not to cash in on their business. Accepting the deal meant office closures and massive staff reduction. The Carchidi’s simply could not nor would not turn their backs on the JFC work family.

workers people

Our Mission…

Disciplined on Customer Commitment, we work hard to provide positive experiences in the pursuit of enhancing the lives of others.


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