Sunny or Hot? The lens through which you view the world becomes your reality.

Would you say the weather this past month was hot or sunny?

magnifying glassBoth would be accurate however one is more helpful to you than the other.  Being aware of which descriptive words you choose in situations says a lot about your mindset.  For this story, choosing sunny signifies being optimistic whereas hot leans towards pessimistic.  Reflect on the word you chose; does it match up with your mindset?

Why is this so important?  Because your success depends on it!  There are deep consequences to how you view things since what you choose to focus on quickly becomes your reality.   The great news is that you are the one that has control over this. You are the only one that can change the lens to which you view things.

To prove this point, doctors have tested the placebo effect on patients, by giving them a sugar pill when the patient may have thought they were getting a real prescription.  When some patients began to feel better, that was clearly evidence that a simple change in their mindset was powerful enough to change their story/their reality.

If your mindset is of curiosity, wonder and hope – fabulous!  Keep it up!   If you find yourself in a rut that might be focused on negativity and uncertainty, reset it to a state of optimism and possibility.  The latter will bring you more enjoyment and enhance your life. Try it for one week and I promise you will see a difference.  Hopefully you will stand up taller, smile more and feel happier. You won’t want to turn back.

Scan your environment for the positive, never the negative, and make it a sunny day!

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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