Do you daydream at work? I do!

Daydreaming may not be as mindless as we think.

As children, we would let our imaginations run wild.  One day we would be firefighters, the next doctors; and by the end of the week full blown superheroes.  Nothing was too big for us to dream up and imagine.

daydreamThen somewhere between adolescence and adulthood this activity got a bad rap.  Time spent with our head in the clouds was now foolish – and that mindset may be hurting us more than it’s helping.  Here’s why…

When we no longer allow our minds to wonder we limit ourselves to only the possibilities that are within reach.    We lose our sense of wonder and curiosity.  And when this occurs, we face a formidable nemesis – a closed mind.

Daydreaming can help the seed of an innovative idea blossom into a tangible plan.  After all, imagination, at its core, starts with an idea and the direction that idea takes has the potential to open a world of opportunities.  Psychologists even propose that those who have realized their full potential and purpose do so through their ability to imagine those possibilities first.

Despite daydreaming’s bad reputation, you should not deny that there are real benefits to getting lost in the corners of your mind.  When harnessed correctly, moments in a free state of mind, allow for true exploration of ideas.  And those very same ideas often lead to great accomplishments.

Embrace the power of daydreaming!

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