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The purpose of our business is to serve…

Many of you will argue, “You can serve all you want but the soft stuff doesn’t make you money, and if you don’t make a profit you’ll go out of business, then you won’t be serving anyone.”

Yes, every business must make a profit to survive.  We also need air, water, and food to survive but the purpose of life is not to just breathe, drink, and eat.

At JFC the purpose of our business is to serve…both internal and external customers.

Profit is the byproduct of doing both of these well.

This magnificent work family placed an whopping 5,543 people into jobs last year.  Multiply that by members of families positively affected by the work that we do and the number is astounding.

What we do here is BIG, real BIG.

We look forward to providing even more people with jobs in 2015!!!

Why Controlling Situations & People Doesn’t Work…and What Does

What is your 2015 outlook? Maybe you want to learn new things, thrive at work, make positive contributions, and build lasting relationships.  This all sounds great but let’s be real, “How can you possibly control future outcomes?” This is somewhat of a trick question.  We try to control as many things as possible, believing that doing so will increase our chances of success.  The truth is that there are only three things we have any real control over:

  1. Our actions
  2. Our reactions to situations and people
  3. Our thoughts, beliefs, and attitude

Exhausting precious time and energy on attempts to control situations and/or other people is futile.  This year, if you really want to write your own destiny, practice self-regulation.  What is this?  It is control over the actions we take and the decisions we make. When you take the right actions, say the right things, and demonstrate the right attitude; good things happen. Be mindful and stop trying to control the things you can’t.  Focus on what you do have 100% control over – you.  The higher your level of self-regulation, the greater likelihood you will make 2015 a success.

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