What is accountability?

“A body of men holding themselves accountable to nobody ought not to be trusted by anybody.”
― Thomas Paine

It is choice. You can only be held accountable to that which you have made a commitment to. Being accountable means doing what you say you will do; as you said you would do it, when you said you would do it. It is a personal decision, made by you the individual, committing to a promise.

When you think about it, you make commitments every day. Some are small, some are big, but all should be viewed as equally important. Even on seemingly insignificant promises, deliver on your word. It can only benefit you.

On the contrary, nothing sends a more negative message than failing to keep your word. It breaks trust and diminishes your credibility. Adding to the damage are making excuses. You should view each commitment made as both a promise and a contract; neither of which should be broken with an excuse.

Never, ever, make an empty promise. To do so will only end in a painful experience for both you and the person you’ve let down. Accountability, or lack thereof, never goes unnoticed by others – friends, family, customers, and co-workers. Be genuine, be sincere, be accountable; commitment to your word means everything towards personal and professional success.

The next time you agree to something know that you just made yourself accountable. You now have an obligation to deliver on your word.

James M. Carchidi, CSP
Executive Vice President

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