What is organizational health and do we have it?

Dear JFC work family,

What is organizational health and do we have it?

We live in an age when *70% of the workforce either hate work or are completely disengaged*, and where people feel they must hide their weaknesses or mistakes.  Too many work environments discourage people from speaking more freely and fearlessly with one another.

This won’t be JFC; not our work family.  We must continue to grow and develop a high-spirit, fun-loving, culture of Customer CommitmentAn integral part of this will be the depth of your 121 meetings.  They must be routine, scheduled blocks of time where both people are completely comfortable being transparent, honest, and forthright with one another.

The employee-manager 121 meetings help us to create and sustain our own recipe for organizational health.  Facilitating these deep conversations allows our culture and teams to blossom in a way that our competitors simply can’t copy.  When done over time they create a bond that exceeds what most other people/companies will ever experience.

Essentially, at the heart of organizational health lies a willingness for us to abandon our pride and our fear, and to sacrifice our egos for the collective good of the team.  While so many organizations are blind to this philosophy, we see clearly that having a healthy organization is more important now than it has ever been!

There is no doubt that we are a healthy company.  I also believe we can get stronger.  Will you commit to strengthening our organizational health by being an active participant in your 121’s?  Our future depends on it!

You are my #1 Customer.

James M. Carchidi, CSP

Executive Vice President

*Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace Poll

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